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Contessa Hotel

Built in a quiet, green-clad location at Argasi in Zante, with a breathtaking view of both mountain and sea, Contessa Hotel is a family hotel.

Guest services and provisions are of exemplary quality, while a warm smile and friendly attitude form a characteristic example of the island's hospitability. The soft hues of its colours, the sky's azure and the sea's blue meet to create a fresh and romantic environment.

Contessa Hotel is definitely a favourite destination for those seeking calm and relaxation.

The hotel is situated only 300m from sea and 4 Km from the town of Zakyhthos.

Argasi, Zakynthos island, Greece

+30 2695045585

+30 2695045152

+30 2695045586

Contessa Hotel

Argasi, Zakynthos island, Greece - Phone: +30 2695045585 - Reservation phone: +30 2695045152 - Fax: +30 2695045586 - Email:

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